6 Best Vaporizers
(Last Updated On: May 26, 2015)

No matter how chilling this week’s weather forecast may be, it’s always good to get some relaxing ambiance by grabbing your vaporizer to get yourself cozy all day long. Plug in your tabletop vaporizer for a more powerful punch, or grab your portable vape and join friends as you cheer on your favorite Winter Olympics team. Here at Smokazon, the real winner in this sportive season is team Vaporizer!

We share with you the best vaporizers that won this year’s race and made it to the 2014 Top-Three favorites.

First, let’s take a look at the runner-ups that almost made it to the podium.

3rd Runner-Up: DaVinci Vaporizer

We place the DaVinci Vaporizer at the fifth spot among this year’s most coveted vapes. This handheld portable comes in a lightweight body that discreetly looks like a two-way radio. What adds to the DaVinci’s appeal is its internal storage compartment that, with its wide body, can store up to three times its vaping load. So you get more reserves especially when you’re out with friends for hours.When used for longer periods, the DaVinci vape lives up to its reputation as one of the heavy-duty portables because of its high-quality design. Even the flexi-straw Da Vinci’s mouthpiece is made of food-grade silicon that can withstand high temperatures.

Vapor Quality

The reason why we place the DaVinci as one of our runner-ups is fair and simple: It does surprisingly produce flavorful, high-quality vapor even with its relatively small size. If you find the vapors just too warm, you can attach the flexi-straw, or what vapers commonly call as the Snorkel. This allows more room to cool the vapor down as you take your draw. And by the way, The DaVinci can vaporize essential oils too.

The DaVinci can vaporize up to a maximum temp of 221 degrees Celsius — fairly high for a portable! 

Cons: Vapor can get a little too warm, which the Snorkel can satisfactorily solve by extending the mouthpiece for the vapor to cool down.

Pros: It packs a good punch given its small size. And of course, we love the extra roomy herb chamber too!
Nancy Roberts

2nd Runner-Up: Vapir Rise Vaporizer

Taking the 2nd runner-up position is the Vapir Rise Vaporizer, known by many as the very first hookah-style vape because of its unique four-way nozzle for group vaping sessions. This forced-air convection vape costs just about half the price of the Volcano vaporizer but it does support all the features of its high-end counterpart. It even has an essential oil chamber for those who wish to vape more than just using plain herbs.At first sight, the Vapir Rise vaporizer looks like an oversized inhaler with a flat base where the controls and the digital display comfortably lie for easy controls. But the internal parts used for this desktop vape come in high-quality stainless steel and a ceramic heating element for long-term durability. Overall, the design draws a wide appeal to young and experienced vapers alike.

Vapor Quality

When it comes to vapor quality, this Vapir vape does produce clean and crisp vapors with no foreign or unusual plastic smell. Of course, it’s a given for this vape as it prides itself as one of the first to use the HEPA filter system, which produces only the cleanest vapors.

When compared to its counterparts like the Volcano vaporizer, the Vapir Rise falls a bit short of the powerful punch that the Volcano delivers. Perhaps one reason behind this is that the Vapir Rise temperature is limited to only up to 204 degrees Celsius. But one accidental advantage of this drawback is the rather steady flow of potent vapors that last longer. So, this vaporizer is most ideal for those who prefer a low and steady high for longer vaping sessions.

The Rise has relatively fast heating time — about three to five minutes — to achieve your desired temperature. Although controlling this vape seems a bit of a challenge at first, you’ll get used to its rather more complex touch controls as you begin to appreciate its flexibility.

Cons: The Vapir Rise’s maximum temperature is set to 204 degrees Celsius, but this still produces potent flavors, albeit in a steadier pace. Also, you cannot turn off the fan the moment you turn the heat on.

Pros: At $249.99 and with all the features that allow you to use a whip or a balloon, this surely is a smart investment if you are on a limited budget but still want something that has it all.
Nancy Roberts

1st Runner Up: The Extreme Q Vaporizer

Another runner-up contender is the Extreme Q Vaporizer by Arizer, the Canadian-based company that also brought you the portable Arizer Solo and the basic V Tower. So, why does it hold the second spot in our all-time bests?The Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer also supports both the whip-style and balloon system vaporization. Plus, you can even fill its Cyclone glass chamber with your favorite potpourri for direct inhalation or for freshening up your room. In all, it can serve as a steamer, an aromatherapy device and a mineral and oil diffuser. As you look closely into the vaporizer’s design, you’ll notice a sturdy and solid feel from top to bottom. Its body is covered with a chrome finish, supported by a flat base where all the controls are located.

What sets the Extreme Q vape apart from its contenders is its remote control feature, allowing you to adjust the temperature from a distance. Also, this vape is equipped with a timer that you can adjust up to a four-hour period. This is most useful when you leave the vaporizer behind to freshen up your room with your essential oils or dried herbs.

Vapor Quality

Our Smokazon users agree on the superior vapor quality of the Extreme Q. Either way — vaporizer whip or balloon — this vape has got what it takes to be a formidable contender to the Volcano, with a much lower price tag, of course. Even the use of balloon also proves satisfactory, still maintaining high vapor quality even with a cooled down vapor inside the balloon. Heating time with the Extreme Q takes about two minutes.

Cons: It takes a little more time to fill the balloon if you want to maximize it for your vaping pleasure. Also, you need to hold the mouthpiece as you inflate it because unlike the Volcano, it doesn’t feature any valve system that would have completed the Extreme Q’s overall convenient features.

Pros: Just like the Vapir Rise, it is priced much cheaper than the Volcano, so it does appeal much to the budget-conscious vaper. And of course, the vapor quality is undeniably the closest you can have next to the Volcano.
Nancy Roberts

Now that we’ve presented the runner-ups, here are the victors of the 2014 vaping Olympics:

Third Place (Bronze): Atmos Raw

Landing at the bronze place is one of Smokazon’s best sellers, the Atmos Raw Vaporizer. When it comes to its design, the Atmos raw is perhaps the iPhone of vaporizers — no external bells and whistles and no fancy controls except the power button. And because it looks like a pen in all sense, the Atmos Raw vape pen is by far one of the most discreet vapes one can take anywhere without drawing too much attention.The Atmos Raw sports a ceramic heating element, which proves energy-efficient, lighting up the vape up to 72 hours per charging interval with the rechargeable Lithium battery. And when drained, it only takes two hours to recharge it fully. Also, the best thing about the Atmos Raw is the fast heat-up time of five seconds.

Vapor Quality

For experienced vaping enthusiasts, the Atmos raw, at one time, was technically a little more like an e-cigarette than a vaporizer because the material got so close to the heating element, it actually combusts. So, Atmos addressed the issue and released the Atmos Raw glass screen that worked like a filter to separate the heating element from the herb. But nevertheless, it still is the most popular vape because of its trendy design.

Cons: Because of its small size, you need to replace the materials more often if you’re into continuous vaping. Also, there is no temperature control. So it’s either “on” or “off” with the single power button.

Pros: It is portable, lightweight, discreet and affordable. It does pack a powerful vapor as well. All these pushed Atmos up to the third spot among the most favorite vapes today.
Nancy Roberts

Second Place (Silver): Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Landing comfortably at the second spot is the Solo vaporizer by Arizer. This portable vaporizer fits snugly right into your pocket with its compact design and lightweight body, weighing only less than 2 lbs.The Solo vape comes complete with temperature controls and a set of LEDs that indicate the heat level. So obviously, this sets itself far apart from the Atmos Raw, which only has an On and Off switch with no temperature options. When fully charged, the Arizer Solo can give you up to three hours of continuous vaping.

Vapor Quality

Because the Solo vape pen comes in a rather spacious filling chamber, you’d expect a much potent vapor coming out from the vape. Plus, its borosilicate glass heating element gives this vaporizer the power to produce vapors so clean and crisp, it can compete well with desktop vapes too!

Cons: One obvious drawback with the Arizer Solo is its bulkier body when compared with the Atmos Raw. Heating time takes about 10 seconds, but this isn’t much of a concern once those dense flavors come alive.

Pros: It does produce rich vapors because of its wide filling chamber. And the temperature control gives it a winning edge because this feature is hardly seen among portable vaporizers of this price range and size.
Nancy Roberts

First Place (Gold): Volcano Vaporizer

Well, we still have yet to find the rightful challenger to the Volcano Vaporizer, and so far, there’s none yet so powerful enough to knock the Volcano vape off the top spot. One Digital Volcano costs more than $650, but we still stay it’s worth the investment. It lasts for a very long time, given proper care and maintenance, of course.Made by Storz & Bickel, the Volcano Vaporier sports a unique cone-shaped design with an all-steel upper body. Whether you have the Classic Volcano Vaporizer or the Digital one, the Volcano’s temperature controls are the easiest to operate without the complexities that the Vapir Rise is known for. The Classic Volcano sports a dial for temperature control, while the Digital Volcano comes with buttons and LED panel for a more accurate heat setting adjustment.

In addition, what makes the Volcano the best vape when using the balloon system are the patented Easy Valve and Solid Valve Sets, which lock up the balloon into place with no vapor wasted as it inflates.

Vapor Quality

With its large filling chamber, a robust internal fan system and maximum temperature of 230 degrees Celsius for both Classic and Digital models, what more could you ask for with the vape’s excellent vapor quality? Need we say more?

The volcano has indeed revolutionized our vaping experience, placing its strongest counterparts only at the second and third spots.

Cons: The only drawback we so obviously see with the Volcano vaporizer is its high price tag. There is some slight delay in heating time but a few seconds of difference would not matter once you hit that perfect temp.

Pros: It is the best in all that it can do. It’s so powerful and versatile that you can even use it to infuse aromas to your grilled steak, vodka and desserts! Click here to know more about this great feature!
Nancy Roberts

We’ve just featured our top three desktop vapes for today’s season. Now, we’d like to know what your best vaporizers are. We’d be glad to hear from you!

Written by Nancy Roberts