(Last Updated On: August 24, 2021)

Proper storage is important in maintaining the quality of your marijuana, so make sure you store it well.

Like dried herbs, the potency and flavor of marijuana will fade over time. The primary purpose of marijuana storage is to keep it fresh.

A good method of storing marijuana is to keep it in a sealed jar in a cool, dark environment. Your marijuana should remain fresh for 6 months. Vacuum sealing is advisable for extended periods.

Air, temperature, light, and humidity are the primary reasons why marijuana is stalled. Some excellent marijuana storage solutions include these factors to maintain your marijuana’s potency for a longer period.

However, there are several tips to keep Marijuana Fresh for a longer time. Let’s find out what are they!

5 Tips to Keep Marijuana Fresh 

  1. Use a glass jar with a sealed lid

The safest place for marijuana storage can be sealed glass jars, maintaining moisture, and making sure your marijuana stays fresh. You can use mason jars, but if you would like ultimate security, use jars with plastic sealing on the lids. If you prefer to have a variety of strains on hand, keep the varieties distinct with a few little ones.

You should not store your marijuana in jars that are soggy, since this may lead to mold growth. Additionally, a weed that is too wet will not produce a decent smoke.

  1.  Don’t discard your medicine bottles

Using empty medicine bottles to keep your weed fresh is yet another brilliant idea. The bottles of medicines are designed to protect the contents from contamination and dryness. The best thing is that marijuana is also utilized as a steroid and is available through numerous regulated dispensaries. Don’t throw away the bottle the next time you order medicines.

  1. Maintain a suitable humidity level

When it comes to moisture, marijuana is a bit like goldsmith too much, it may be molten or sticky; too little, it can dry and crumble.

The best way to preserve marijuana is between 55 and 62 percent, however, it is not sticky. This is slightly greater than the level found in typical homes (40-50 percent), indicating that it may be beneficial to regulate the moisture level.

To manage the moisture level in your cannabis jar, some companies provide little “humidity packs.”

For some, humidity packs made using moist paper towels have also been used, although these setups are challenging to manage.

It should be remembered that humidity does not overdo. At moisture levels of more than 60%, the risk of mold formation increases.

In summer you will also want to take care to keep the temperature cooler to reduce air moisture

  1. Exposure to light

To ensure marijuana storage you have to restrict the amount of light it receives. Light is the principal weed degrading factor. Marijuana will be broken apart by UV rays and light from several sources. Choose a dark spot that doesn’t get much light to put your cannabis, a cupboard, or a drawer. When you’re ready to use a piece, transfer it to a dark glass container.

You can place a storage jar in the refrigerator to preserve the flavor and freshness.

  1. Do not put anything else in a storage jar

Some people believe that putting fruits and vegetables in the marijuana storage jar would help them retain moisture. It is suggested to avoid falling for these slick hacks and to be on the side of wisdom. Keep your marijuana in an airtight jar alone so that it will remain fresh for a longer time.

Written by Kathy Cooley