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(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)
There is perhaps no desktop vaporizer as closely associated with all the vaping superlatives as the Volcano. From being the most expensive — yes, it costs as much as the iPhone — to being the most highly coveted, the Volcano is perhaps the ultimate vaporizer of its kind. Yet at a price that ranges from $400 to more than $600, is it really all worth it? Without a doubt, there are plenty of reasons why we should go for the Volcano vaporizer, but let’s take a look at the top five that stand out.

Reason #1: It is Expensive 

Yes it is, and the most cost-efficient too! Here at Smokazon, we’ve had users who still have their very first Volcano vaporizers lighting up their senses for many years. So it’s all hands down when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. German-based company Storz & Bickel introduced its first Volcano vaporizer in 2006, streamlining its design with a high-quality stainless steel build, full-bodied air pump for a strong convection-style heating mechanism, and accurate heat controls for highly customizable vaping experience. And the result is a low-maintenance, highly reliable vaporizer that has gained positive reviews throughout the vaping world. 

With the Volcano’s unprecedented durability in mind, let’s do some math to see what it’s really worth. Say you’ve had a Classic Volcano for five years. Spread its cost — $539 — to that entire five-year period and it is as if taking a pleasurable vape for only 29 cents a day. How practically affordable could the Volcano actually get?

Reason #2: It Is The Most Versatile

Whether it’s the Classic or Digital Volcano, it comes complete with all the features that come in handy for that ultimate vaping leisure. Both versions come with the balloon, which you can freely use without having to carry the Volcano around.  By default, the Classic Volcano comes with the Solid Valve set, and the Digital, the Easy Valve. Smokazon also offers interchangeable valve sets for both the Classic and Digital models.

And then there’s always the Volcano whip if you prefer warmer vapor that comes straight from the chamber. It too comes in a high-quality, medical-grade material to provide you only the purest of vapors with no plastic smell at all.

With the Classic Volcano Vaporizer, the temperature dial gives you nine heat setting markers, and the temperature ranges from 130°C to 230°C (266°to 446°F). Meanwhile, the high-end Digital Volcano comes with a large LED display with buttons that allow you to change the temperature setting by increments of 1°C. You can adjust the temp from 40°C to 230°C (104°F to 446°F), depending on your preferences.

Cheaper vaporizers do away with the internal fan, disappointing those who prefer vaping using the balloon. So, the Volcano Vape is indeed true to its functionality, serving those who like to vape in groups, and those who prefer to pick the punch all by themselves. And we haven’t even touched on the Volcano’s vapor quality yet, which we shall also go over.

Reason #3: It Packs The Highest-Quality Vapor

Scour the Web for vaporizer reviews or talk to your fellow vapers, and there’s one thing most of them agree on: The Volcano does produce excellent vapor quality, overshadowing most desktop vaporizers with its awesome power. With its larger chamber, you can pack more of your favorite mix of herbs, plus its powerful internal convection system does all the works to push those flavors out with ease.

The Volcano quickly heats up in just about two minutes, which means getting those powerful draws in almost no time.

Here’s the challenge: Try vaping with the Volcano vaporizer, and you’ll never have to look for any other vaporizers out there.

Reason #4:  A Must-Have In Every Kitchen — and Cocktail Parties

The Volcano, with its high performance standards, has found its way to the hands of chefs wanting to enhance the flavors of their favorite masterpieces.

Care for some roast beef tenderloin infused with a scent of dried rosemary and a subtle citrus essence? Not a problem. Just turn the Volcano on, fill the chamber with the mix of dried herbs, place the grilled meat inside a specialized inflatable bag (pillow), and, using the whip connected to the chamber, fill the bag with the aromatic vapors. Let the rich fragrance settle and coat the meat for your gastronomic pleasure.

Whether or not you’re into haute cuisine, you can also use the Volcano to infuse your cocktail drinks with a tinge of herbs and spices. How about infusing your vodka with the fresh scent of mint? Just dip the whip into a glass of vodka and let the bubbles coming out from the vaporizer add more interesting flavors to your drink.

So, when it comes to bombarding your senses with pleasure, the Volcano simply does it all for you.

Reason #5: All These Great Features, With A User-Friendly Design

Who would have thought such versatility would come from a vape with an easy-to-use design? Using the Volcano is as easy as plugging it in, turning it on, lighting it up to your favorite heat setting, filling the chamber with your herbs, and that’s about it. You’re good to go with vaping either with a balloon or a whip.

The Volcano is also designed to be almost maintenance-free. Just make sure you regularly brush the screen to remove any residue, clean the chamber empty after every use, completely deflate the balloon to remove the vapor from the inside to keep the next fill of vapors fresh.

Smokazon offers the Volcano vaporizer starting at $419.00 

The Conclusion

From your vaping room to the kitchen and even to cocktail parties, the Volcano Vaporizer has proven itself king of all desktop vapes. We’ve done the math to calculate it’s true value. We’ve presented to you surprising possibilities many of us thought were not possible. Now, what are your thoughts on the Volcano vaporizer?


Written by Nancy Roberts