(Last Updated On: June 18, 2019)

If you smoke cigarettes or pot, that is perfectly fine because we are not here to judge. However, did you know that there is a better way of consuming cannabis? We are talking about vaping, which gives you the same level of satisfaction while having some other important advantages.

Why You Should Avoid Smoking

Even if vaping weren’t a better alternative, we wouldn’t suggest smoking weed. Furthermore, you should avoid smoking any plant material, and that includes tobacco. It doesn’t only irritate your mouth, throat, and the rest of the body, but it can also harm your respiratory system permanently.

When smoking, you are burning parts of cannabis, which releases tar and other toxins, as well as carcinogens. The list of potential health issues that smoking causes is extensively long, and it is best to avoid it altogether.

Cannabis is a far better option, and you can choose the desired form of consuming it. If you like candies, you will love CBD gummy bears, but feel free to try other edibles, too. For those who don’t feel like consuming marijuana, we have an excellent alternative that is also a great substitute for smoking. We are talking about vaping, and we will discuss this form of ingesting cannabis in the next section.

How Vaping Works

Before we dwell into the benefits of vaping over smoking, let’s mention how this way of consuming works. First, you will need to pick your desired cannabis strain. You can go ahead and choose budget buds – the only important thing is that the plant can deliver the benefits you need.

Apart from that, you will also need a vaporizer. This is a small gadget-like product that will enable you to vape cannabis. It works by heating marijuana enough for it to combust. Cannabinoids and other active compounds in the plant are then converted into an inhalable vapor.

It is important to note that vapor is different from smoke as it doesn’t contain nearly as much dangerous chemicals. It is very safe to use, and you can experience the maximum benefits of the plant thanks to the fact that many vaporizers deliver the vapor to your mouth. You secure the effects of cannabis by inhaling this vapor.

Why You Should Vape Cannabis Instead of Smoking

In case you are still not sure that vaping is a better option, take a look at the below five reasons why you should choose this form of consuming marijuana.


  • Reduced Exposure to Dangerous Compounds


We already mentioned that vaping significantly decreases the number of pyrolytic compounds released into the atmosphere. The science confirmed that which means you do not have to worry about harmful components like tar and other toxins.

For the sake of truthful data, it is not that you are completely protected from dangerous compounds. However, vaping doesn’t only secure the reduced release of these components but also reduces your exposure to them due to the specific technique of consuming it uses. The estimate is that we ingest 95% less of harmful components when vaping than when smoking.


  • It is a Cheaper Option

Vaping also gives you a better value for money because it provides a higher concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids. You can additionally save by growing bulk cannabis seeds yourself. These are easy to grow and do not require you to invest a lot of money or effort.

You may think that vaporizer is an unnecessary investment, but we would like you to observe things in the long run. If you buy a premium product, it will last you for some time to come, and that is how you will save money in the long run.



  • It Tastes Better


Some will probably argue this, especially in the beginning, but the flavor will get to you after vaping for a couple of times. Those that are not heavy smokers will immediately notice the cleaner and purer flavor of vaporized cannabis. That is because the vapor is pure itself as it contains only minimal toxins.

It is interesting to note that you can even put flavor under your control. Some vaporizers come with different temperature adjustments. It is up to you to choose them, and ensure that the settings product the taste you will love.


  • No More Second Hand Smoke


It is not only about you, but also about other people. Remember how it used to annoy you when someone blows cigarette smoke next to you?

You had full right to be annoyed, but guess what? The others have the right to complain if you are smoking cigarettes or weed in their company. It’s not only that they might not like the smell, but the smoke is unhealthy.

Fortunately, vapor won’t provide such an unpleasant smell as smoke. It is also a safer alternative, which means you do not have to worry when vaping at home or in public spaces (make sure that the law allows the latter).


  • Your Clothes (and You) Won’t Smell


If you had a cigarette or smoked weed, the chances are your clothes might smell. That is a problem because someone might come near you in the next hour or two, and you will reek of smoke. It is not a pleasant feeling for either of you, especially if you are meeting a potential business partner or a love interest.

The smell of smoke can stay in your clothes for days, and the same applies to furniture in the room. That is because of tar, which is a toxin that sticks to fabrics and other surfaces.

You won’t have those problems with vapor because it can dissipate ten times faster than smoke. That will significantly reduce the chances of its smell sticking with you, especially for a long time.

The Bottom Line

Vaping is a better option than smoking because it is safer and healthier for both the user and those around him. However, it is vital to choose a premium quality vapor, which is why you shouldn’t rush your decision. Make sure to analyze the market well and pick a product that meets your needs. Additionally, pick a cannabis strain that can deliver the maximum benefits of this plant.

Written by Kathy Cooley