Music Festivals and Vaporizers
(Last Updated On: June 10, 2015)

Since Colorado’s historic decision to legalize marijuana for recreational use, entrepreneurs, advertisers and many other influencers have been gearing up to get involved. The weed industry is actually poised to grow faster than the smartphone industry. We’re seeing a rush to commercialize the plant and create products for emerging weed markets. Cannabis-infused pet food, anyone? Weed-loving celebrities and their entourages have been quick to capitalize on this trend towards personalized marijuana products and brands.

Here are 5 celebs and their latest contributions to the ganja industry and community—read below for the full details.

Bob Marley’sMarley Natural”

Bob Marley

Image credit: Lucian Milasan /

Thirty-three years after his death, Bob Marley is being remembered with an eponymous brand of high-end marijuana. Marley Natural is being pitched as “a premium cannabis brand rooted in the life and legacy” of the weed-loving reggae artist. The brand is being developed with a Washington state-based company and is intended to be sold in the United States and possibly internationally starting next year.

Tommy Chong’s “Smoke Swipe”


Image credit: s_bukley /

Legendary pot activist and pop-culture icon Tommy Chong is going back to his roots with the launch of Tommy Chong’s Smoke Swipe, a product designed to wipe away the smell of cannabis and tobacco odor on clothing. Chong teamed up with Reviver Clothing Swipes to develop a product that keeps usage discreet.

The customer simply places a swipe on his or her fingers, rubs the applicator across clothing to neutralize odors, and replaces it into its re-sealable package.

Willie Nelson’s “Willie’s Reserve”


Image Credit: Josh Withers /

Country music legend and activist Willie Nelson, who has long been known for his love of the herb, recently announced at SXSW that he will be releasing his own personal brand of marijuana. It will be called “Willie’s Reserve” and will be sold from its own storefronts that look and feel like “the anti-Walmart.”

Snoop Dogg’s “Double G” Vaporizers

snoop-dogg vaporizer

Image Credit: Tim Sanchez

Snoop has long been associated with all things marijuana—he even claims to have smoked up in the White House. Snoop recently teamed with a vaporizer company called Grenco Science to create his own line called the Double G Series. For $85, fans of both herbs and West Coast hip-hop can purchase a Double G Series vape, which comes with a design featuring a roadmap of the rapper’s hometown in Long Beach, California.

Redman and Caviar Gold

Redman and Caviar Gold

Already quite famous for his love of weed, rapper Redman has teamed up with popular LA-based cannabis company Caviar Gold. CG is well-known for the potency and quality of its marijuana. Redman also cut a full-on commercial/music video for Caviar Gold.

Written by Donald Evans