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(Last Updated On: June 11, 2017)

Vaping is the newest cool thing. With as much as 90% of your herb’s cannabinoids get into your system using the vaporizer, who doesn’t want to stick with this option? Vaporizers turned smoking a thing of the past.

With high-end vaporizers that fall in the $500 to $700 price range, it has become a billion dollar industry. It is even expected to reach $3.5 billion this year, surpassing the 1.7 billion estimate in 2013.

But of course, let’s not forget that not everyone can spend on the best high-end products in the industry.

What are the best budget friendly options out there? Here are five of the best vaporizers that you can check out if you find yourself with limited resources.

Arizer Solo

The Arizer Solo ‘s not really as stylish as Pax Ploom or the Ascent. However, for the price tag of $134, you get high-end tasting vaporizer just below the $250 mark. In terms of design, it isn’t really something that you want to bring with you regularly due to its awkward large size for a portable vaporizer.

However, if you’ll experience using the Arizer solo, due to its glass pathway, you can expect the cleanest and purest vapor from a portable vaporizer.

Using the item is pretty much straight forward. It has two buttons that you press to turn it on. It already has seven pre-defined temperature settings that you could choose from. For the newest Arizer Solos (2013 models), the company focused on the airflow making it easier to draw on this particular portable vaporizer.

Another great thing about this portable vaporizer is that it allows you to see how much battery is left. This way, you won’t push through with a session only to find out that it will be stopped midway due to the lack of power in your unit.

And to finally convince you that the Arizer Solo is a strong competitor in the list of affordable vaporizers in the market, the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty. 

Arizer Solo Review

Da Buddha Vaporizer

Now let’s proceed to the desk vaporizers. If you think that you have to spend more than $300 to get high quality vapor experience. For those with less than $250 budget, Da Buddha makes a perfect choice.  At $189.99, it offers a great buy for those who are not really willing to invest a large amount of money for their vaping experience.

Da Buddha vaporizes the herbs using its ceramic heating element. In addition to this, it provides superb vapor for your herbs with its glass to glass vapor pathway.

This vaporizer has been made by 7th Floor. They are the same people behind the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. Unlike the complex design of The Silver Surfer, Da Buddha was designed as a simpler counterpart, focusing on its practical design.

Cylindrical in shape, it looks stunningly similar as the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. Similar to the Silver Surfer Vaporizer, it makes use of the same quick heating time operations. It has a simplified temperature control using one knob.  With no LED designed to give you an idea about your temperature, you have to take note of the positioning of the knob to remember the setting that you use for a particular herb.

Da Buddha is a whip vaporizer. Unlike other whip vaporizers, Da Buddha comes with a ground glass wand which you don’t have to hold if you’ll be using the vaporizer. Da Buddha can be used either on a 220V or a 120V line, leaving no problem where you plan to use the device. The lowest temperature for Da Budda is 200°F.

Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

Arizer Extreme Q

Are you looking for a starter desk vaporizer? For starters who don’t really want to spend a lot of money on their first vaporizer, the Arizer Extreme Q makes the perfect sense. What makes Extreme Q highly suggested for beginners is its dual purpose capability. It functions both as a whip and a balloon vaporizer. For $239, this is already considered a great value for a dual purpose vaporizer.

The bag can be filled up by the Extreme Q in just a minute and a half using the highest setting of its fan. For those who are looking for a thick vapor, medium fan speed works well for this preference. Unlike the high-end Volcano that has a valve on its bag, you’ll need to hold it with your hands.

With ceramic heating element, you can guarantee that your herbs get vaporized in a superb manner. It is also worth noting that this device has a digital display that allows you to monitor what temperature you use.

Aside from its affordable price for a two in one vaporizer, what makes this an ideal purchase is its ability to allow vaping enthusiasts to share their sessions with friends. And in case you want to bring this vaporizer on your camping trip, you can do so by investing in its battery for another $100.

Arizer Extreme Q Review

Arizer V-Tower

Almost identical in appearance with the Extreme Q, it offers that slick look of the dual purpose vaporizer. Unlike the Extreme Q vaporizer, the Arizer V-Tower is a whip vaporizer that operates on 100% convection. For beginners, it means that hot air goes into the herbs. What it prevents is combustion, which means purest vapor for the user.

Looking at the components of the V-Tower, it consists mostly of ceramic heating element and glass as components that add to the quality of vapor that you get. Similar to the Volcano and Aromed, this particular vaporizer makes use of a vertical glass heating chamber as well.

For those who are looking for a vaporizer with diverse temperature options, the Arizer V-Tower provides exactly that. The Arizer V-Tower is sold within the $120 range.

What makes a good vaporizer? Though you’ll have different definitions of what makes a great vaporizer depending on a user’s priorities, price range often times makes a great consideration for any consumer. Given tough competition among manufacturers of vaporizers, it is a challenge to produce a product with a reasonable price point without compromising the overall performance and quality of vapor that the user gets.

With improving technology, quality of vapor coming from affordable options are now becoming at par with some of the best vaporizers that have a much higher price tag. These options are practical especially for the smart vape enthusiast who likes to compare with other products out there. So what’s do you think of our list?

Arizer V Tower Review

Flowermate Vapormax 5.0

Flowermate Vapormax 5.0 is a portable dry herb vaporizer. Vapormax 5.0 looks like a recorder, which makes the product stealthy. It can fit in most people’s handbags or even in your pocket. With no exposed coil, it guarantees no combustion on the part of your herbs. It makes use of a Pyrex glass mouthpiece, which makes the flavor comparable to some of the best desk vaporizers.

It also has a fast heat up time of around 30 seconds.  As for the temperature controls, you only need to hold the “+” or “-” button to control the heat. Because of this limited temperature options, a lot of vaping connoisseurs might be turned off how this product generally operates. One of the reasons why Flowermate Vapormax 5.0 floats around the low to mid temperature is to avoid combustion of dry herb. But on the brightside, for prolonged vaping, it has a decent battery life.

So how much does this item cost? For around $99 to $140 depending on where you look, you can already have the Flowermate Vapormax 5.0. In contrast to other portable vaporizers within its league, it offers a competitive price point for someone who is on stiff budget.

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