(Last Updated On: December 16, 2020)
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Smoking CBD hemp flowers are slowly becoming popular among CBD users. While hemp has been around for centuries, its medicinal uses have only recently gained the attention of mainstream consumers. Many people still do not understand the difference between hemp and marijuana. While the two are relatively the same plant, the difference lies in the composition of the chemicals they contain, which influences how they interact with the body.

Hemp does not have the euphoria effect commonly associated with marijuana but packs considerable health benefits. So, smoking CBD hemp flowers could improve your health in several ways. 

Smoking is the traditional way of delivering CBD into the bloodstream. For the best smoking experience, you should try full flavor hemp cigarettes. If you are a smoker, this option offers the whole experience, but without the insertion of nicotine.

Benefits of Smoking CBD Hemp Flower

  1. Smoking CBD Can Offer Immediate Effect.

Smoking is fast-acting and probably the fastest way of delivering CBD into the bloodstream. You should feel the effects just a few minutes after the first puff. The first-pass effect is a process in which drugs are first delivered into the liver for metabolism. When you take CBD orally, it goes through the first-pass metabolism. This process dramatically reduces the concentration of CBD. 

When you smoke CBD, it goes into the lungs, where it passes across the lung linings into the bloodstream. This process takes a few seconds, ensuring that CBD reaches its target areas quickly and in high concentrations. 

If you are looking for a quick way to get the CBD effects, you should try smoking. Research evidence shows that CBD can reach peak blood levels in a minimum of three minutes. This is a good option for those who take CBD for the pain to get almost immediate results. 

Individuals who suffer from anxiety can also benefit a lot from smoking CBD. If you are about to make a presentation and your stage anxiety kicks in, you can have CBD’s calming effects in just three minutes. 

  1. Entourage Effect

In addition to high bioavailability, smoking also activates other beneficial plant oils contained in CBD. The hemp plant contains other beneficial compounds, including a host of other cannabinoids, aromatic terpenes, and flavonoids. 

The entourage effect theory holds that the compounds found in hemp work better together. Moreover, CBD is most active in its raw form because the compounds in hemp enhance each other’s effects. 

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Studies have shown that taking CBD in its natural form with all the accompanying terpenes and phytocannabinoids produces more and better benefits than CBD on its own. The entourage effect is probably why smoking CBD remains the most popular way of consuming the product despite a variety of other options such as tinctures.

Compounds like flavonoids also have high antioxidant potential, which enhances the properties of CBD. When you take the substance through other forms like ingestion, these additional compounds do not get activated, and you may not benefit from their potential. 

  1. High Bioavailability 

Bioavailability is the amount of chemical compound available to the bloodstream. This can vary, depending on the route of administration. Heat unlocks the full potential of CBD. This is why smoking is the traditional way of taking CBD. Inhalation, also called pulmonary administration, provides a level of bioavailability almost similar to intravenous administration. 

The advantage of high bioavailability is that it can reduce the overall cost of CBD to the consumer. You only need a few grams to get the same effect you would get through ingestion or other administration means. If you have been taking CBD through oral ingestion and want to switch to smoking, you have to recalculate your dosage. 

  1. No “High” Effect

When people relate CBD to smoking, they always think of the psychoactive effect. Smoking CBD will not get you high. Hemp contains various cannabinoids, including CBD and THC. on the other hand, THC is the cannabinoid that gives the ‘high’ effect, but its concentrations in hemp are so low that it has little effect. 

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CBD sold in licensed dispensaries are analyzed in the lab and ascertained to contain no more than 0.3% THC. Studies have shown that this amount of THC is not psychoactive. But you also have the option of going for CBD isolate, which contains almost 100% CBD.

  1. Affordability

The process of extracting CBD from hemp is expensive and increases CBD’s cost as a final product. If you have to buy CBD oil over time, it becomes quite costly. If you are using CBD for medical reasons, then the cost can be overwhelming, and you might have to miss your dose at times.

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Instead of CBD oil, you can buy hemp pre-rolls, which are cheaper and more effective. Hemp pre-rolls contain CBD in its natural form, meaning that you’ll benefit from all the cannabinoids and other compounds in the CBD. 


As more people turn to CBD as alternative medicine, scientists are also working hard to understand this compound and its benefits. One can now take CBD in various forms, with all of them having their sets of benefits. Smoking is becoming popular since it is fast-acting and offers higher bioavailability compared to other methods. Before you opt for smoking, understand the risks related to combustion.


Written by Kathy Cooley