(Last Updated On: August 7, 2020)

There are many ways to take CBD. You can eat edibles, or place CBD oil under your tongue. You can even find CBD pills and suppositories in the market. However, vaping might be the king of all CBD consumption methods. It comes with a lot of benefits, and not a lot of downsides. Especially if you are already used to vaping and know your way around a device.

Here are some reasons why vaping is the best way to take CBD.

Reason #1 – Vaping kicks in right away

How long it takes for the CBD to kick in varies depending on the consumption method you choose. CBD’s a psychoactive substance with calming properties, which many seek as a way to help treat anxiety and insomnia. If you want immediate relief to deal with a peak in your stress levels or fight back an upcoming panic attack, then you need a consumption method that is effective fast.

When it comes to speed, edibles and vaping are in polar opposites. Edibles take as long as an hour to take effect, and may take even longer depending on your diet and on whether you are taking certain types of medication. Vaping, on the other hand, usually has an immediate effect. The levels of CBD in your bloodstream rise drastically as soon as the vapor reaches your lungs, and it reaches a peak within 3 to 5 minutes.

CBD oil placed under your tongue is almost as fast as vaping, but it’s much less convenient to dose.

Reason #2 – Vaping wears off quick

Studies have shown that, even at extremely high doses, CBD is not intoxicating. It will not impair your thinking or change your perception of reality. That said, not everyone appreciates the calming effects of CBD. And for people suffering from low blood pressure, the substance can make their symptoms worse. However, these people may still want to take CBD to treat their nausea or inflammatory conditions.

For people in this situation, vaping might be the best method to take CBD. Once the vape smoke reaches your lungs, the levels of CBD peak within minutes. They stay very high for about 40 minutes, and then start to decline. You will be back to baseline in about 2 hours. That’s a lot faster than CBD oil and edibles, which can last up to 4 and 6 hours, respectively.

Reason #3 – Vaping tastes good

There are many ways CBD e-liquid can be altered to taste good and be delivered with a very smooth sensation. CBD oil, however, often leaves a strong after taste in your mouth. Edibles can do better, but only when they use CBD isolates, which are usually less healthy. Edibles using full-spectrum hemp need to either build on top of the plant’s taste or try to mask it, and both can be unpleasant.

Reason #4 – Vaping is efficient

“Bioavailability” refers to how much CBD gets utilized by the body after you take in a certain product. Edibles, for example, have a bioavailability that ranges from 6% to 19%. That means that when you eat an edible, as much as 94% of the CBD contained within does nothing for your mood or body. It’s a waste, especially since products with higher amounts of CBD usually cost more.

Vaping, on the other hand, has the highest bioavailability of all popular CBD consumption methods, at around 46% percent. There’s also more consistency in the amount of CBD that gets absorbed between doses and users, which is why most studies looking into CBD choose to deliver it to test subjects via vaporization.

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Written by Kathy Cooley