4 Reasons Why the U.S. Should Legalize Cannabis Now
(Last Updated On: May 26, 2015)

If there’s one thing most — if not all — cannabis users agree on, it’s the legalization of its use across the U.S. once and for all.

Yet despite the overwhelming evidence that suggests the many medical uses of perhaps the most talked-about herb in the world, most of us still live in the shadows of unfounded fears and anxiety over the health-related issues and social stigma associated with cannabis, otherwise called in more contemporary terms as marijuana, hemp, pot, weed, bud and ganja, among many others.

We at Smokazon share our collective thoughts on the controversy surrounding this issue. In the end, we strongly support its use, whether for medical or recreational purposes. Here are our top five reasons why:

Reason #4:  The Effects of Cannabis are Milder than Alcohol’s

Remember the three tasks police officers ask motorists who are suspected of drunken driving? You follow the officer’s pen with your eyes as the officer moves the pen from side to side; you walk a few steps and go back after turning on one foot; and lastly, you stand, for 30 seconds, on just one leg. Pass this test and you’re free to go, but fail it, and you’ll belong to the unfortunate +85% of all suspected drivers tested.

But how about testing a stoned driver?

Studies have shown that only about 30% of stoned drivers fail the test. Now that’s a whooping difference from alcohol intoxication. And we’re talking only about those who use cannabis for the first time or those who use it for many days.

Need we say more? No, we don’t recommend getting heavy on pot before doing something that might compromise safety or efficiency, but the effects are distinctly obvious: Cannabis has less negative effects on cognitive functioning as compared with that of alcohol.

And, by the way, some ways to consume cannabis like eating and vaporizing is way much better than smoking too. The absence of combustion also means the absence of toxins that would otherwise be harmful to your health.

Reason #3:  We Lost the War Against Marijuana Because There was Nothing to Fight For

What is marijuana if not a powerhouse of potentially beneficial compounds that might revolutionize our medical perspective on the humble herb? Since the discovery of better technologies to test the power of the thousands of chemicals naturally found in cannabis, we discover more of the plant’s value.

For more than seven decades, the U.S. government has incarcerated thousands of marijuana-related offenders, many of them recreational users who never even displayed acts of violence or any other serious crimes. So, what accounts for many of the stoners’ risky-looking behaviors for the justice system to warrant their arrest? Apparently, there were close to none.

Even during those times prior to the legalization of cannabis in many states, there have already been more than 20 million people who use pot either for medical or for recreational use. It seemed apparent that no degree of legislation has ever been effective in wiping out the use of cannabis. Perhaps, there is this subtle collective force that prevailed because this herb deserves something more promising.

Reason #2:  The More Exposure the Society Has to Cannabis, the More We Fine-Tune and Balance Regulations

When alcohol ban was lifted several decades ago, wary conservatives feared the Apocalypse: a society reduced into a group of intoxicated drinkers whose future seemed as bleak as that of zombies. But society slowly learned, fixed itself and prevented itself from collapsing into a pile of wasted individuals. Regulations were set, and everybody was happy.

So, has alcohol consumed our identity as a nation? Has it overwhelmed our lives beyond repair? No, not at all.

Today, we drink alcohol when we want to. We understand our limits, and we know when to stop. Sure, alcohol-related accidents happen, but overall, society always has this inherent drive to correct and regulate itself when any potentially game changing element (this time, the cannabis) could threaten — or otherwise enhance — its well-being.

Reason #1:  A Child’s Heartbreaking Suffering, Upended by Marijuana

For five long years, Charlotte Figi, a then 5-year-old girl featured in a CNN documentary, suffered a rare disorder, the Dravet Syndrome. She would enter into severe epileptic seizures that would endure for hours, day and night. Her first seizure appeared at age 3 months and went on intermittently for five years.

The total number of seizures she had per month would number to about 1,200. During those times, she couldn’t walk, talk, even eat or drink.

Imagine yourself as Charlotte’s parents. Heart crushed, sleepless nights endured, you’d certainly go to great lengths to help save your child.

Fortunately, Charlotte’s parents agreed to the use of a specific strain of marijuana to alleviate Charlotte’s condition. After the course of the first treatment, which involved drops of oil that contained cannabinoids, her seizures stopped. If there were any seizures at all off prescribed medications, it would only be two to three per month.

Today, children with the same conditions are lucky if they stay in Colorado, the state where recreational marijuana use is legal. This has resulted in the influx of families from across the U.S. to the state in their desperate hopes to take away their children’s suffering and pain.

Imagine this: If we legalize Cannabis use in all states, there is no need for these parents to see their affected children suffer unnecessarily when cannabis is the key to help save the children’s lives.

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