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As you all know, we at the Smokazon Team takes whole pride of being able to see the major shift as to how far we have gone as a community. From portable to pen vaporizers, we were able to witness them all. But we all know that when it comes to vaporizers, nothing hits home with the Table Top Vaporizers that have started this whole revolution.

The Reality about Table Top Vaporizers: Why It Is Not For You

Let’s be candid about it; table top vaporizers are not for everyone. It may not be the best fit for you. Some may find the price totally expensive. But let’s be clear about it – when you buy a vaporizer, you are moving towards getting a healthier lifestyle. Lest we forget that this have already saved the majority of our community’s population from pitting themselves against the dangers of combustion from smoking.

Talk about hitting two birds in one stone – you are not just investing for your lifestyle; you are also investing for your long term health.

Portable & Pen Vaporizers vs. Table Top Vaporizers: Comparing Oranges to Apples

It won’t make much sense to actually compare portable & pen vaporizers to table top models simply because they are way too different from one another. Each model has a purpose and have different benefits. And really, it all depends on your needs and lifestyle on deciding which way to go.

The Truth About the Desktop Vaporizers You may be Missing Out

If you are into vaporizing but still thinking about which model to go, you may be getting some advice to get started by trying out portable model first and switch to table top models once you feel the vaporizing experience. We can’t really stop you from doing that – but for new ones out there, you may be something – and that is the best and authentic experience you will ever have once you try table top vaporizers.

Listen, there is no such thing as testing or trial and error with vaporizers. When you start vaporizing, you are now living an entirely new lifestyle that others don’t have yet. And only the genuine experience comes from table top vaporizers.

Common Denominator: Differentiating Balloon Style vs. Whip Style Vaporizers

You will often find on table top products that theirs are either balloon style or whip style vaporizers. For starters, you may find a little confused with what sets them apart.

Balloon Style Vaporizers – the most popular and most loved function in the vaporizing community. This is because it makes vaporizing easier – all you need to do is to fill up a bag (or balloon) of vapor when you start operating the vaporizer. You can share the love and affinity you have with your vaporizer by sharing it with your friends. It makes the experience a little more portable and can let you take your vaporizing experience to the next level (sharing it with your friends).

It is also best for medical patients because you no longer have to get close to the vaporizer just to inhale its medicinal capabilities.

Whip Style Vaporizers – the least popular, it is comprised of three parts: the wand, the tubing and the mouthpiece. Whip style vaporizers are not so popular with table top vapers because it doesn’t offer the flexibility. Most whips are only 3.5 inches long so you have to get closer to the vape.

The Benchmark from Table Top Vaporizers: It’s All About Resilience & Technology

Table top vaporizers offer the most sophisticated technology and outstanding features compared to any type of vaporizer. The development of these models are made sure not just to provide the superb qualities you will find today in any table top vaporizer, but also for a safer and healthier vaporizing experience.

This is the reason why they are responsible for starting it all – without further ado, let us go indepth, learn more and review about the Top 3 Desktop Vaporizers

#1 : Volcano Vaporizers (Best Investment) 

Volcano-Digital-Complete package


Rating: 10/10

Capability: Dried botanicals, Oil, Wax

Price: $419 – $669

Description: Ask us if the Volcano Vaporizer is worth the price and we will say yes without batting an eyelash. No one can ever deny that the Volcano Vaporizer is the best vaporizer that you can ever buy in your entire lifetime. Many have come and go, but clearly no one can beat the power, the influence, the trend and the outstanding technology that the Volcano Vaporizer has set.

Know that you will see common vaporizers that theirs is a revolutionary product upon release. While this is a true and common denominator on certain models that made waves on our community, there is no denying that only Storz & Bickel’s Volcano has been true to its word of being a revolutionary vaporizer that has raised the ante of the competition.

The reason why the Volcano vape has gotten so many raves from vape enthusiasts, critics and experts is because of the vapor quality and density that no other brand at the moment can beat.  Many volcano users have already reported that theirs last years and it still looks barely new.

You have the option to choose between theVolcano Classic (dial) and the Volcano Digital (digital temperature gauge) and when you buy either one of them, you can choose between the Volcano Easy Valve and the Volcano Solid Valve Kit. If you are starting out, you can definitely get the Easy Valve as it’s simpler and doesn’t take a lot of learning curve. However, if you are already familiar with vaporizers and want to take the next level, then the Solid Valve Kit is the best way to go – it is durable and can be used for so many times.

The Volcano Vaporizer is built with the toughest demands, the unmatched technology and with the user in mind. The learning curve may take a little time to help you get through the intricacies of the volcano, but we are pretty sure that you will find it worth it.

This is the reason why the Volcano Vaporizer is the most expensive vaporizer in the world today – because no one can beat it and with all the upgrades that they have introduced, it remains very difficult to follow their lead.

The Volcano is King – on how long it will hold on to its crown, we are not sure off but will certainly last for a while until a total gamechanger comes out.

Pros: Being the best and most expensive vaporizer in the world comes with a lot of responsibilities. It can vaporize both oils and dry or solid herbs. It provides only strong, tasty and powerful vapor clouds. It can last for a long time without much maintenance. Cleaning is easy.

Cons: Waiting time can take a few minutes but tolerable. Learning curve will take a while but it is truly worth it for an investment.

Get Them Here: Volcano Vaporizer 

#2 :Plenty Vaporizers (Middle Price)

 Plenty Vaporizer

Rating: 9.5/10

Capability: Dried botanicals, Oil, Wax

Price: $349.99

Description: Here comes the Plenty Vaporizer, the little brother of the well-known Volcano. The folks at Storz and Bickel have taken so much time to make sure that their next release will be a breakthrough. Truly, it lived up to their own and the public expectations and there are many reasons why it’s the next best choice after the Volcano Vaporizer.

The model looks very different from the Volcano, as it is a hand-held (not portable) vaporizer. Don’t judge it by its looks as you may find its design to be a little bit weird. Well, the Plenty vape is certainly more than meets the eye as it contains the most powerful feature any hand-held vaporizer can ever have. It’s powerful and robust that you cannot ask for more.

Before talking about the difference between Plenty vs. Volcano, let’s actually talk about the quality. The Plenty was created with sophistication in mind. First of all, the heating (herb) chamber is a killer because it has an even bigger chamber than the one that you can find from the Volcano. It amplifies the surface area which results into the production of a better tasting and authentic vapor.

Aside from the design and the price, the difference of Plenty to Volcano is that it is handheld vaporizer that utilizes a coil to make it work while the Volcano uses a balloon system.

Now, you may wonder why this was actually classified as a table top vaporizer when it is lightweight and smaller than the Volcano. This is for a simple reason that this is not for portable use! The Storz & Bickel Plenty vaporizer utilizes a cord instead of batteries that are widely common with portable vaporizers. You can move anywhere you want but take note that it is more difficult to do so depending on the length of its power cord.

The Plenty vaporizer utilizes a cooling coil system. It was designed to cool down the vapor very nicely, a process similar to the balloon system of the Volcano Vaporizers.

Little known is the fact about the Plenty is its liquid pads that lets you have the ability to also vaporize oils or concentrates that can let you deepen further with your aromatherapy needs. This is often overlooked and something that you should use should you or if you own a Plenty Vaporizer.

There is no concrete answer to the million dollar question as to which is the best Vaporizer between the Volcano and the Plenty as we can tell you that both models are unique in their own ways.

Pros: Larger heating chamber that can accommodate herbs. Also has a liquid pad so you can use it for oils and concentrates. It sports a cooling coil so the surface of it will turn from warm to cool.

Cons: It might be frustrating that this vaporizer is not portable and can only be operated when you plug-in its cord in any power outlet. It is also a little bit pricier, however if you are looking for total quality on any vaporizer – price will not be an issue.

Get It Here: Plenty Vaporizer 

#3 : Arizer Exteme Q Vaporizer 4.0 (Affordable) 

  Rating: 9/10

Capability: Dried botanicals

Price: $239.99

Description: Here comes a table top vaporizer that has almost matched the Volcano Vaporizer but has fallen short of results to completely match its quality. The price is 33% lower than the Volcano and is known to some critics and influential users as the bargain if you can’t afford the Volcano.

However, we want to present a different perspective to the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer as it offers unique features that cannot be seen in models like the Volcano or Plenty. At the onset, you will know it is different as it is the only table top vaporizer in the world today that features a remote controlled activation system.

Also, if you are a starter, the Arizer Extreme Q is a good model to start with because of its user friendly controls (compared to Volcano that takes a little bit of learning curve). It also a dual-purpose vaporizer and you can utilize both whip and balloon functions. It also has a sleek design that we find much presentable compared to the Volcano that looks a little bit of a kitchen appliance.

Since the Extreme Q is a remodeled version, you will feel more comfort that the fan is quiet. This is actually a challenge (although bearable) for most forced air table top vaporizers because they are typically very noisy to operate. So we can say that the Arizer Extreme Q has deviated from the norm of forced air table top models that makes it truly unique.

Keep in mind though that there are certain limitations to the Arizer Extreme Q – one of them is the logic of using a remote control. You can be basically be far away when you want to adjust the temperature settings of it however, keep in mind that you need to get closer to vape. This is the reason why we are not raving so much about this feature that they introduced. – even though they are the only one in the market that can do so.

Pros: Price is 67% cheaper than a high quality vape like the Volcano Vaporizer. Faster heat up time. It is also convenient to use and lightweight.

Cons: Little glass pieces that are seemingly made to break apart and they also make the Arizer Extreme Q to be a bit more complicated.

Get It Here: Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer 

P.S – We may have written a lot about the table top vaporizers but we feel that this space is not enough to tell you how much awesome they are. In the next few weeks you will see more of these vaporizers as you see a much in-depth review and understand why one of them is the best table top vaporizer that you should own.


We truly find it fascinating how much the vaporizer community has grown over the last few years. However, it is also worthy to note that no matter how far we go, the revolution to a healthier and ultra lifestyle would not have begun if not for the table top vaporizers. The genuine caliber, brilliance and technology of these models will always justify their price.

Do you have any questions or comments about our assessment of these table top vaporizers? Please make sure to let us know by writing in the comments below. 

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