(Last Updated On: January 19, 2017)

Saving money is great.

Getting a good vaporizer is great.

BUT when you can do BOTH?

That’s when you can slap a giant “S” on your chest…

…because you’ll be unstoppable.

Vaping had its share of success over the last few years. From those trying to quit smoking, to those taking cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, vaporizers came in handy in different situations. But of course, the budget has always been a concern for consumers.

The Vaping industry isn’t an exception at all. Vaping enthusiasts are looking for products that could give them the best bang for their buck. So what are the best vaporizers under $200 this 2017?

Desktop Vaporizers 

#1: Arizer Extreme V-Tower Vaporizer 

From the people who made the Extreme Q Vaporizer, the Arizer Extreme V-Tower is a powerful desk vaporizer. Though this vaporizer has been around for quite a while, it still made our list. Why? The vapor quality is simply superb and can be compared to costly vaporizers out there.

Unfortunately, a lot of vaping enthusiasts find the vaporizer lacking compared to the Extreme Q. Unlike Extreme Q that allows you to do both balloon and whip vaporizer, the V-Tower only uses of a whip. But what makes Arizer Extreme V-Tower unique is its weight and price. For $199, you already have a vaporizer in your own home.

Though it is not considered as the most advanced vaporizer on the market, you surely get the best bang for your buck. It is perfect for those who love to vape solo.


#2: DaBuddha Vaporizer 

Da Buddha is the perfect vaporizer for people who want non-complicated operations. For around $189 in Smokazon store, it offers a high-quality vapor which is quite rare in the market today. But of course, don’t be deceived by the simplistic design. Da Buddha can bring the heat to its competition.

Da Buddha makes use of a ceramic heating element that is encased in the glass material. The user breathes using the plastic tube, turning the knob to adjust the temperature. The downside to this particular device is the absence of the temperature, which leaves you guessing.

Da Buddha is somewhat a simplified version of the Silver Surfer, which isn’t surprising given that both units were made by the same company.


#3: Hot Box Vaporizer 

Another contender for the under $200 vaporizer list of 2016 is the Hot Box. Similar to Da Buddha, it is also has a simplistic design that attracts users who prefer a straightforward approach in their vaping habits. The Hot Box is a not only a vaporizer but an aromatherapy diffuser as well. With medical grade parts, it offers high-quality vapor that both newbies and connoisseurs will enjoy.

It makes the perfect entry level vaporizer, for those who are looking to experience vaping and see if it is really for them. Hot Box comes with 2 Vapor Whip. Though it isn’t the best vaporizer whip that you could use, it easily fits your needs. For $150, it has everything you’ll ever need in a vaporizer. The vapor is also decent given the glass chamber that this device has.


Portable Vaporizers 

#1: Arizer Solo Vaporizer 

Arizer Solo is already considered an old model by vaping enthusiasts. It was made by the same company that brought us the Air and Extreme Q and V-Tower. If you are looking for a discreet vaporizer, perhaps, you should look elsewhere. Though the Arizer Solo is a portable vaporizer, its size will never be considered discreet in any way. However, what most people love about this particular device is the quality of vapor.

The vapor can be described clean and tasty and will offer above average satisfaction that can please even those who have tried other vaporizers on the market. It only takes around 5 to 10 seconds to be able to draw from the device. This particular vaporizer works best on the 4th and 5th setting. The most common complaint regarding the Arizer Solo is the low air flow.


#2: Summit Vaporizer

Made of polycarbonate material, Vapium Summit vaporizer has been considered a rugged device that would definitely appeal to the outdoor enthusiasts. Having a decent-sized chamber, it offers 20 decent draws when you use the vaporizer.

The Summit vaporizer isn’t also a complicated product to use. It vibrates the moment you turned it on, and it will vibrate the second time around once it reaches the desired temperature. Unfortunately, the Summit vaporizer is a conduction type vaporizer. This means that you will have a difficult time getting draws that you need. It also has an auto-off feature which prevents you from consuming the entire herb on your chamber at once. For $150, it is a great deal that you don’t want to miss.


#3: Puffit-X Vaporizer

The Puffit-X vaporizer is far from your usual vaporizer. It is a convection device that forces air into the user. It is among the few portable forced air vaporizers in the market. From the previous Puffit vaporizer, the Puffit-X has improved on its temperature setting, not to mention it can be charged 80% of its power in just one hour.

Disguised as an inhaler, you’ll look like an asthmatic than someone who loves to vape. The taste of the vapor isn’t too bad as well. However, if you like to vape in huge clouds, then this isn’t the product for you. Even in its highest setting, you could barely see a cloud when you draw. And yes, it is already has a fan which forces the air out.

Pen Vaporizers 

#1: Atmos Boss Vaporizer

Pen vaporizers haven’t received the same admiration as their bigger counterparts for several reasons including close proximity of the heating element to the chamber. But unlike other pen vaporizers, the Atmos Boss Vaporizer is considered the gold standard of pen vaporizers. It is compatible to dry herbs, not to mention it guarantees zero combustion. With a $120 price tag, it is considered as the high-end pen vaporizer.

If you are looking for a vaporizer that is compact, then perhaps this isn’t the perfect match for you. Atmos added some extra bulk to this particular device to ensure the quality of the vapor.

#2: SToK R2 Pen Vaporizer 

The SToK vape pen is very sleek looking, and it totally rips! If a wax vape pen is what you are after, then this should be your first choice!

In terms of functionality, the makers of the SToK R Series thought about everything with this amazing vape. It produces a nice amount of vapor, with good flavor to it and easy to use.

Want to know the best part?

The price!

$49 it is the perfect price point for such great pen this size and gives great value for money!

#3: Atmos RX 

We love the Atmos RX because of its super discreet design. And much to our surprise, even the issues on combustion didn’t matter for so many Atmos RX fans out there. When you get really get good hits and enjoy the best flavors from your herbs, nothing else matters!



Given the tough competition among vaporizer companies, there are those products that are mainly for those who don’t have a huge budget or individuals who haven’t considered investing on serious vaporizers such as the Volcano. For whatever reason that you only have $200 to spend on a vaporizer, this list gives you a good start.

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