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There are 3,500 vape shops in the US today and countless models of vaporizers. If we are following a consistent trend, expect the industry to reach $50 billion by 2025.
In just a few years, we’ve seen vaporizers and companies evolve. Today, portable versions have become popular for a lot of people because it can be used in a discreet manner for both short and long periods of time. Given the need for both desk and portable vaporizers, we could say that it’s an exciting time to be vaping. So what are the best portable vaporizers to watch out for this 2016?

Haze Version 3
A dual chamber portable vaporizer, Haze Technology has come up with a sleek and high quality product that can allow you to shift between oil, to e-liquids, wax and herbs. If you have around $250 to spare, this makes the perfect option for you.
Using both conduction and convection heating methods, it offers flexibility for a vaping connoisseur. This device is known for its temperature regulator which allows the unit to provide maximized airflow for each draw, filled with flavor.
The actual size of the Haze version 3 is similar to a flask. This device comes with a mouthpiece that retracts safely into the unit if it is not in use. It has a weight of around 193 grams.
The Haze version 3 also comes with a 10 year warranty, something that not a lot of vaporizer companies are willing to hand out.
What is so special about this particular device is its heat exchange system. Haze Technology uses the air outside to air that exits the system. This way, it cools the vapor for the perfect temperature without using additional fans which saves energy for more draws.
This device also evenly heats the herbs without you stirring the elements inside the Haze 3.

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer
A lot of hype has been made for the V2 Pro Series 7. If you’ve used the V2 Pro Series 3 pen vaporizer, it works exactly as this portable vaporizer, only that the V2 Pro Series 7 is a bit larger and could hold more material.
V2 Pro Series 7 is a 3 in 1 device that you can carry around comfortably in your pocket. It allows you to choose between leaf, wax/oil, or e-liquids, depending on your preference.
In terms of performance, the V2 Pro Series 7 isn’t as exceptional as other high end portable vaporizers. Experts are saying that only the lowest level gives the best vapor for its user. Also, don’t expect large clouds for every draw. However, what makes the V2 Pro Series 7 exceptional is its taste and smoothness. Holding around 0.3 grams of herbs, it can provide you around 10 to 15 draws.

Pax 2
If you are looking for a discreet and portable vaporizer that offers high quality vapor, Pax 2 makes a strong contender this year. But also, quality doesn’t come cheap. For $279, the Pax 2 vaporizer is considered a high end portable vaporizer.
Though a bit heavier and bigger than the original, the Pax 2 has an improved battery life, deeper oven and four different heat settings. The chamber is made of stainless material.
The range of temperature has also been improved for the Pax 2. It has 10 degrees lower for its lowest temperature and 10 degrees higher for the highest setting. As for its battery life, it offers 30% more than the first version of the Pax vaporizer. As point of comparison, it can be compared to the Mighty in terms of battery life.
The Pax 2 has a stealthy design and has redesigned mouthpiece from the previous models. This made the newest version to be more efficient than the last model.

Iolite WISPR 2
Iolite WISPR 2 is a one of a kind portable vaporizer. What makes it so unique? It doesn’t make use of any battery. It provides a solution to short vaping periods that people experience when using small portable vaporizers.
Instead of having a battery, it runs on butane gas. But of course, there are a couple of trade-offs that you have to consider with the Iolite Wispr 2. First, since it makes use of butane, you’ll have to deal with the smell of butane. Also, unlike other vaporizers that have multiple temperature control, it has only one temperature setting. And lastly, you also have to deal with the fact that it isn’t the most discreet device that you will carry around. Aside from the loud color, you also have to deal with the noise from the gas.
As for the quality of the vapor, you could definitely get some tasty vapor from this particular device and the temperature is also decent. This particular device is perfect for camping and for places that do not have access to electricity.

Vapir NO2 Handheld Vaporizer 

If you only have a budget of around $100 for a portable vaporizer this 2016, perhaps, you should choose the Vapir NO2 Handheld Vaporizer. The only hesitation that most vaping enthusiasts have with the Vapir NO2 Handheld Vaporizer is its herb chamber design that is a bit difficult to load and clean. The vaporizer comes with a rechargeable battery that you can plug in using the wall charger.

The Vapir NO2 Handheld Vaporizer is also easy to use. It can be used even without a manual, even by first time users. According to critics, the most efficient temperature is at 355 to 360 degrees Fahrenheit. Expect burnt taste when you go higher.

Indica Vaporizer
For those who love using cannabis for their vaporizer, the Indica Vaporizer is a great candidate for 2016. Disguised as a lighter, it is among the most discreet vaporizers in the market today. It has 5 different heat settings that you can choose from.
There are two things that stand out in this particular device, and that is the chamber’s size and sturdy design. It also weighs around 5.4 ounces, around the weight of a phone.
So what are the things that you may not like about this particular device? Just like any other small device, it is quite hard to load on the Indica Vaporizer, not to mention you only get around 12 draws for a full load.
As for the vapor quality, it has an above average vapor, but it is a bit thin, even if you used the highest setting for the device.

Vapium Summit
Makers of the Vapium Summit offer a discreet and unassuming device that really doesn’t look much. But of course, looks can be deceiving. Upon inspection of the Vapium Summit’s exterior, it is made of polycarbonate material, which feels durable.
Looking at the chamber of the Vapium Summit, you can pack as much as 0.3 grams of ground herb, something that is decent in terms of portable vaporizer standards. Also, the chamber heats the herbs evenly even if you don’t stir the material inside.

The Firefly vaporizer is a favorite among connoisseurs. A bit price at around $270, it offers everything you want from a high end vaporizer. It has high quality vapor, easy to maintain configuration, and swappable rechargeable batteries. The only concern about this particular device is that it is portable, but not exactly discreet as it is a bit large.
The Firefly has a glass heating chamber which is responsible for the high quality vapor that you get from this particular device. Once you start vaping, it instantly turns on. The Firefly’s chamber can hold around 10 draws. You may be thinking that it isn’t enough. The good thing about this device is that you could easily clean and refill the chamber as you please without worries.

Location where you vape shouldn’t be a problem. If you are planning to start vaping outside your home for this year, these portable vaporizers will give you a good experience in your sessions. These vaporizers cater to vaping enthusiasts with different budgets and needs.
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